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Not sure which skin type you are

If you are unsure on what skin type you may be please read the below descriptions to give yourself a better if you have any further questions why not book a Skype consultation with one of our experts

Normal Skin

‘Normal skin’ means that you have uncomplicated, well hydrated skin, which is neither too dry nor too oily. You feel confortable in your skin and generally don’t suffer with oiliness and breakouts or dry and flaky skin.


‘Oily skin’ is characterised by excess oil production in the skin’s sebaceous glands. Your skin looks shiny, even more so in the second half of the day. You might also suffer with enlarged pores and a tendency for breakouts.

Combination Skin

You are classed as a ‘combination skin’ type, if some skin areas of your face are oily, while others are dry. Often the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) might produce excess oil and look shiny, but the cheeks feel dry.

Dry Skin, No breakouts

Your skin looks dry, dull and possibly even flaky. It might feel tight, uncomfortable or itchy. You might have a tendency to react over-sensitively to skincare products applied. You don’t suffer with breakouts.

Dry Skin, With breakouts

Your skin feels dry, possibly even tight and uncomfortable, but you also suffer with breakouts. You might experience a tendency for facial redness and flushing. Your skin might sting after applying certain skincare products.