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Lip Care

Our idea of beautiful lips has varied with trends and time – just compare the voluptuous, scarlet lips of the 1950s to the new millenium’s fashion for more natural lip shapes and shades. Whatever their shape, lips themselves have remained a key aspect of physical beauty and sensuality across all ages and cultures and so deserve our protection. Lips owe their ruby colour to a rich vascular network, but because of this combined with constant wetting they dry out easily and can appear flaky and chapped. To keep your lips looking rosy, supple and soft, exfoliate them gently and regularly, moisturise them daily and always protect them from the sun.

The NeoStrata Lip Conditioner does all these three jobs at the same time. I’m also delighted to report that the gorgeous Susan Posnick mineral lipsticks provide both moisturisation and sun protection – while giving lips an amazing sheen. And for that special event, a lip ‘plumper’ such as Skinmedica TNS Lip Plump System might come in handy.

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