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Mineral powder make-up is a wonderful choice for normal and dry skin. Because minerals are inert and less likely to irritate than more active chemical foundation formulas, even sensitive, allergy-prone skin usually tolerates them well. Many of my patients love the way finely-milled mineral powders even out their skin tone and cover minor imperfections without looking heavy or unnatural. Mineral make-up even helps protect skin from UV rays and thus skin ageing, but even so, I always recommend applying it over your daily antioxidant serum and high SPF sun protection moisturiser.

If you have combination or oily skin, you’re likely to be fine with mineral make-up, too – providing you keep the applicator brush scrupulously clean and replace it with a new one frequently. But I would still recommend you test it on a small area of skin first, to see whether it causes breakouts. If this happens, try using an oil-free, liquid foundation specifically developed for acne-prone skin.

In post-procedure skin, my favourite foundation is Lycogel, a soothing liquid foundation with great coverage. I apply this on patients after cosmetic procedures such as fillers and medical needling. However, I also use it myself every day, as it offers extra sun protection and really lasts the whole day.

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