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Nail Care

Even the best cared for, young-looking skin on your hands can be let down totally by ragged fingernails. Nails make an instant impression – if they’re peeling, broken or unhealthy-looking your otherwise well-groomed image is destroyed. If you have brittle, problem nails, it’s important to apply a daily strengthening conditioner to keep them flexible, fracture-resistant and easy to shape. I recommend NeoCeuticals Nail Conditioning Solution.

It may also be worth taking a dietary supplement containing Biotin and Zinc to support healthy growth, especially if your problems persist. Remember, nails naturally grow slowly and it may take three months or more before supplements translate into visibly stronger results, so don’t give up. However, I would advise you to check with your doctor if you have any concerns about nutritional deficiencies. Sometimes nail problems can also be caused by skin conditions such as fungal infections or psoriasis. Your dermatologist will be able to diagnose and treat these.

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