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If you suffer from significant acne, there’s no doubt that you should see a dermatologist who will prescribe medicated creams or tablets. You’ll be glad to hear that in severe acne highly effective Isotretinoin tablets (a Vitamin A acid) can essentially switch off acne for good in the majority of patients – even after you stop taking them.

However, if you suffer with occasional, mild breakouts, a lot can be achieved with the correct type of skincare. It is very unfortunate and misleading that some skincare companies label products ‘for all skin types’ which might actually aggravate acne-prone skin. I see patients in my clinic every week who have been using products like this and are in despair about their stubborn breakouts!

You should be using a thorough foaming cleanser – no hydrating cream cleansers, oils or balms – and oil-free moisturisers and make-up. All products I recommend here will help improve occasional breakouts and mild acne. But if these cosmeceutical products not enough, please come and see me in my clinic for medical treatment.

As well as the right skincare, it’s crucial to also see a medical cosmetican for deep cleansing and manual extraction of blackheads and whiteheads. Our medical cosmetician is a beauty therapist who trained with a dermatologist for many years and knows how to deal not only with healthy skin, but also how to recognise and avoid aggravating skin problems during her facials. Many high street beauty therapists simply don’t have sufficient training to look after problem skin and their treatments might actually make it worse.

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