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Future Proof Stress Kit


This groundbreaking Anti-Stress Kit consists of:

Meditation Soundtrack incorporating:
- Brainwave Entrainment technology designed to bring your mind into a meditative state
- Neuro-Linguistic Programming – Integrated positive affirmations
- Soundtrack available as CD and MP3

4 Week Online Course covering:
- What stress is on a molecular level, and what effects it has on our body
- How stress can make you look older and potentially reduce your life-span
- The essential tips & tricks to reduce stress
- Sleep and how it is very closely linked to stress and aging (and lots of other health related aspects even weight loss!)
- Exercise and other lifestyle habits and the effect they have on our stress level, skin health and longevity
- Details on how best to use the meditation CD

Anti-Stress Guide revealing
- The number one stressor we are exposed to (which you could eliminate today!)
- The most important thing you should do straight away, when feeling stressed
- How to squeeze important benefits of an expensive and time-consuming gym membership into 4 minutes you can do in your pyjamas at home!
- How to find out your true biological age (which might be very different to the age it shows in your passport!)
- When reducing physical activity may actually reduce your body’s stress levels
- How certain postures can help you cut stress immediately
- The activity we have been taught is healthy which we should stop right now (if you don’t want to end up looking older than you peers…)
- How stress and eating habits may interact and what NOT to eat and drink when feeling stressed