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Future Proof Your Skin



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This book will change your life; it certainly changed mine. This revolutionary guide reveals previously unknown secrets that challenge long-held beliefs about the food we eat and will dramatically slow down your biological clock.

The Future Food Plan promotes a hormonal and metabolic balance in your body and skin, which not only optimizes your general health and helps increase your life span but also supports beautiful, healthy, young looking skin. These simple eating habits will encourage you to become younger from within as well as reduce the signs of aging on the surface.

Learn why we are not a ‘slave to our genes’, but how we can actively influence them with this groundbreaking way of eating. The Future Food Plan not only slows down the clock, but also has astounding ‘side effects’ including bringing your body to its optimal weight and reducing the risk of many modern diseases.

Follow me for a truly breathtaking journey and start to future proof yourself today!

Dr Stefanie Williams, MD, Dermatologist



“Inspirational book by one of the UKs top anti-aging experts. I urge you to take up her advice!”

Mark Sisson, Best-selling Author of The Primal Blueprint

“This is a fabulous book. As soon as I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down. Dr Williams shuns outdated diet data and replaces it with a new way of eating based on cutting-edge science.”

Jeannette Hyde, Nutritional Therapist, London

“A very thorough German Dermatologist … Williams’ own flawless skin is a good endorsement for her work.”

Tatler magazine

“Here is a liberating new way of eating for life, to improve health, longevity and your skin. I absolutely love this book and I am sure you will as well.”

Aglaée Jacob, Registered Dietitian, Toronto

“Dr Stefanie Williams has proven herself as an inspirational doctor and powerful leader with this truly groundbreaking book. This is an absolute must-read.”

Raymond Aaron, New York Times Bestselling Author