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Here you can find our myth-busting reports which have been carefully put together by Dr Williams to help you understand some of the most common issues which might affect your skin. These are free to download, and give you valuable information which can help you make sure you are looking after your skin in the very best way possible.


Acne – Not Just A Teenage Problem

Acne is completely treatable via a range of different methods...

by Dr. Stefanie Williams

Acne is treatable yet many people continue to suffer unnecessarily. Find out about Acne and how to get rid of it in this free E-Book.


15 Skin Care Myths

This special reports examines some of the most commonly believed myths

by Dr. Stefanie Williams

Learn which skin care “facts” are hype and which you should take seriously in our complimentary fact-packed Skin Care booklet.


The Truth About Sun Protection

Save your skin from the safe sun myths...

by Dr. Stefanie Williams

The sun can age our skin more than anything else, even on cloudy days. Find out how to protect yourself in this free report